My 1st MMF Bi experience

  1. BiFiHotspot
    My first time was right out of college.I had a regular gaming group that would meet on the weekends and one of my friends brought his GF to a session.After the nights events wrapped up they both hung around and one the led to another and the next thing I knew we were all naked in my kingsized bed.At first it was all about pleasuring her the she suggested we both play.As we sucked and looked each other she fingered herself and verbally encouraged us, urging us to do more and more.She was very active in lubing us both up and guiding our cocks into each other.She stoked ,sucked and kissed us both as we fucked each other.She positioned herself and ground her flowing pussy into our faces as we buried ourselves balls deep into each others tight asses.Telling us to go deeper and harder, to take it all.The nights festivities ended with us DPing her.It was such an intense experience that we all lived together for over two years even after they married.I was best man and even went on their honeymoon with them.Over the 2 year span it got even wilder and kinkier.
  2. NativeCouple235
    That's an sweet yet erotic, adventurous story. We like that. We'll just have to keep looking to get some, but patience is our key.
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